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Dye Sublimation Services Melbourne


Manatwork offers Dye Sublimation process for printing with perfect detail and resolution of design. The graphics prints on the fabric with incredible finish.

The process of dye Sublimation is done in two steps:

    • Graphics design is printed using wide format Ink jet printing composed of microscopic droplets of high grade ink. Colors can either be selected from a standard colour palette that has more than 1000 colors or can even be color matched if required. We make sure that the design is fully graded for every garment size and does not gets cropped if its smaller in size e.g., part of a logo or a number.


  • Heat Pressing is done as the next step to have the “print/dye” from the printed paper & fix it to the fabric. This step treats the freshly printed fabric which is then fed with both the printed paper and selected fabric through a large wide format rotary heat press at a very high temperature and high pressure. The ink from the paper coverts into a gas completing the process of sublimation into the fabric. The output is very sharp and qualitative as compared to other modes of printing. This process is extensive as it combines elements of temperature, pressure with appropriate timings to ensure a consistent, qualitative and long lasting print on the fabric.